Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NYC Half Marathon

Running or Walking
August 27th I will be running in the NYC Half Marathon. Share your training experience online here.

I have started my training with an injury. In the last marathon I ran (Mississauga Marathon), I inflamed my IT-band. I have been trying a therapy called ART- Active Release Treatment. It has helped however I now have another strained muscle.
Well the training will continue and I will be searching for an alternative treatment. Todays run 15k.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Inspiration Is Your Motivation

What motivates you to run or walk? How do you convince your self to keep up your regular running and workout routine? When your mind is telling you to quit how do you respond?

I have been running for four years now and I am motivated by inspiration. Inspiration is the driving force behind my energy to run. My inspiration is based on a goal to help bring awareness to cancer research and to those people that are fighting cancer. Every marathon I have run as been dedicated to someone who is fighting cancer. It’s a simple idea, if a person I know or if they have a family member that is fighting cancer I am committed to dedicate my race and medal to him or her. I figure if they are determined and willing to fight cancer regardless of the outcome then completing a marathon in their honor is very gratifying for me.

You can find a cause that inspires you then use it as your motivation. You need this to push your self to get out and run or walk regardless if you are feeling down and thinking of quitting. I have found that the days I want to quit are sometimes when I perform the best in my training.

Finishing a race has a lot to do with mind over matter. Case in point, I have used my inspirations to complete my marathons especially near the end of the race when the smallest hills become the hardest and my mind is telling me to quit. The important key is to continually reminder yourself of your cause for finishing and that becomes your motivation.

I have run the Toronto Marathon twice and it’s the toughest race I have run yet. Every time I reach the halfway point I am ready to get off the course and catch a cab but then I remind myself that I have dedicated my medal and race to someone special. The happiness I bring to that person is priceless and I know quitting is not going to inspire them. At this point I find my “second wind” and push myself to the finish.

My motto is: run or walk but never quit!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Running or Walking